Our committee


Our preschool is a registered charity and is managed by volunteers on a committee, elected annually at the AGM.  We are legally required to have a committee and without it we would not exist!  We strongly believe a parent led committee ensures we provide a well balanced preschool.

Parent Committee for 2018/2019
 David Griffith (Head Teacher, Greenmount Primary)
Honorary Treasurer Natalie Dixon
Secretary Lucy Beale

A lot of our parents and carers help with fundraising events. It is a great way to meet new people, influence how your child’s preschool is run and learn new skills.  There are many different ways to help, you don’t need any previous experience to make a difference and you can choose to give as much or as little time as you can spare.  If you’d like to be involved then please get in touch. Everyone is welcome to come to the committee meetings and share ideas.


Our ambition at Greenmount Village Preschool is to be a community led, non-profit making childcare setting that solely exists for the benefit of the children and their families.  To achieve this, we rely heavily on the goodwill and dedication of our wonderful volunteers and vibrant community.

Currently, what the government pay us to look after our children is significantly lower than the actual costs for providing the very best in preschool care and we therefore lose money.  As a charity, all of our income is spent on developing and enhancing our children’s futures.  We try to keep our costs down and prices as low as possible so only our children and families benefit.  We cannot ask our families for extra fees to cover this gap and we feel it is unfair to do so.  We can however accept donations. 

How can I help?

 Simple. We need your donations, however big or small it all counts.

 So, if you are able to contribute a bit more, it will help ensure we keep our community run preschool open into the future.


Please contact us to find out how you can help our preschool by making a donation

If you can’t make a donation, you can still support us by donating your time and help at our fundraising events, or becoming our friend on Facebook and following, liking and sharing our posts!